Wholistic Center of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Misión Mazahua

On May 14 we opened the doors of the Wholistic Center of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Misión Mazahua within the property behind the hacienda called El Molino (The mill) which was one of the first constructions of the Spanish colonists/conquistadores in this region, probably built in the 1540´s.)  The vision of service to the community is projected to give attention to patients and to their families not only in the physical aspect of the patient, but also in the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and family members.  We believe that those people who come to the Center named “Siloé” come with physical pain, and also with many emotional burdens; for which reason we need to go beyond the medical attention, in some cases consoling, praying and sharing words of encouragement and hope.

The Center will be attended by the following volunteers:
Dr. Alberto Leyva, Specialist in Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
Claudia Leyva, wife of brother Alberto who coordinates the therapeutic treatment, and is now training three of the young ladies who are part of the ministry of Scholarship and Discipleship .

They are–Dulce, Janet and Ivette, the first two are high school students in whom we see great potential for preparation for in-depth training after high school in the area of Physical Therapy.  Ivette is studying Psychology at the university level and will be receiving training the area of Language Therapy.

We also have the support of “hermana” Esther Bernal, retired nurse who has been lending her services to Misión Mazahua for the past 12 years, as well as Joiarib Ortiz, (husband of Elizabeth) in the administration. In addition, we are setting up the service of a drug store with medicines and health aids at low cost.  I also must mention the valuable support of “hermana” Paty, Claudia´s sister,  in the area of secretarial support.  She surprised us with the gifts that she gives in the service to our Lord.  Paty has a son who is extremely handicapped which we would like for all of you to meet. Through Paty´s affection and care, this son has lived now for 20 years when the doctors had told her that he would not live more than 5 years.Alberto and Claudia have an office for therapy in Atlacomulco where they attend their patients in the mornings, but they have felt called to give their professional support and Christian service every afternoon at the Mission.   From the very first day that we opened there has been surprising demand for the service.  We thank God for this opportunity to serve Him.

Our Center will require many apparatus and equipment that serve in rehabilitation such as treadmills, stationary bicycles, laser, ultra-sound, and others as well didactic materials for children.  The Rehabilitation Center will also be giving therapeutic attention through Equine Therapy using horses of the mission as well as Hydro-therapy using the swimming pools of the hacienda.

Home for the children of the “Constitución”
For over two years we have given ourselves to the task of supporting the handicapped children of the Eduardo family, a family with 8 young children, 5 of which are severely handicapped.  At the beginning of this year a young male nurse who has given his support (named Delfino) started to fulfill his vision of improving the home of the Eduardo family.Originally Delfino wished to get the support of his friends for pouring a concrete roof on the family’s small home.  However, upon receiving the evaluation of the project by an engineer friend who told Delfino that the building in which the family lived did not have a foundation, it was learned that it would not be possible to merely pour a roof over that structure.  So the Lord put in this young man´s heart the challenge to get support for an entirely new house.  The first stage of the project consisted in putting down a foundation, building the walls and pouring the roof of the house.  Now the second stage is the installation of windows, doors, electricity and other finish work.
Over the past years through the hard work and funding of the M.A.C. (Missionary Assistance Corps) led by Pastor Jack Brown teams had already  funded and/or  installed a bathroom with toilet and shower for the family as well as a concrete sidewalk with banister and a concrete patio, besides a cistern for “harvesting” rain water for the family. In Facebook of Excelencia Mazahua you may see pictures of these activities.

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