How to Get Away With Murder 2016 Recap: Episode 10 – Who is Christophe?

Tonight is the winter premiere of How to Get Away With Murder season 2 and we will finally get some answers to all the questions the winter finale of HTGAWM 2016 left us with. If you miss the HTGAWM season 2 winter finale, you can find my How to Get Away With Murder 2016 recap right here! How to Get Away With Murder 2016 Recap Episode 10 – Who is Christophe?Tonight’s episode of HTGAWM season 2 started off with a look at Annalise laying on the floor of the Hapstall’s house and Wes standing over her with the gun. Laurel takes the gun from him and asks him what he did and that’s when Michaela walks in and thinks that Laurel shot her. The whole time, Annalise is staying the name Christophe over and over again.

We then get a look at Bonnie helping Annalise into her house and walking her through when to take her medications. She then asks about all the kids, Wes being on the top of that list, but Laurel is with him and trying to get him out of bed because he refuses to move. She is trying to convince Wes that everything is going to be ok and that Annalise just told him that Rebecca was dead s that he would do what she asked him to.

Annalise kicks Bonnir out of her house after convincing her that she will be fine alone and if she needs anything she will call Bonnie and let her know. After Bonnie leaves, Annalise is watching the news about Catherine and Philip. Catherine is facing charges for murdering Emily Sinclair and the attempted murder of Annalise.

Laurel is able to get Wes go to over to Frank’s for a study group and food and everyone is really happy to see him. Annalise is sleeping on her couch when all of a sudden someone knocks on her door frantically and when she opens her door its a woman with a baby. She is going on and on about how Annalise and the baby need to take care of each other and then leaves.

Asher is talking to Bonnie at Frank’s about how he went to the cops about his father’s suicide, he wants them to investigate because he believe his father was murdered. Bonnie’s phone starts ringing and it’s Annalise, Bonnie goes over to her house to find Annalise hold the baby and Annalise tells her to take him and then leaves the room. There is no baby though, when Bonnie takes the “baby” it is just a balled up blanket.

Bonnie goes to tell the prosecutor on the case that Annalise can’t testify because she is high on pain pills and hallucinating, but Frank and the students put together a written transcription of Annalise’s testimony. He thinks that will be thrown out, but Bonnie tells him that he has no choice but to try because Annalise can’t go into court.

Annalise is still hearing the baby cry and she calls Laurel this time and has her come over and tells her to come in before Bonnie gets back. Annalise called Laurel to her house not to help her with the phantom baby, but to ask her how Wes is doing. We then get a flashback about Laurel going to visit Annalise at the hospital after Wes shot her and Annalise asks her why she told the rest of the students that she did it.

Laurel tells her that she didn’t think he could handle being blamed for Annalise after being blamed for Sam. Laurel then asks her if what she said about Rebecca was true and she tells Laurel that she just told him that to provoke him. Back to the present, Laurel tells Annalise that Wes is doing ok, but Annalise isn’t buying it and Wes is in his apartment holding a gun in his hand. Laurel goes over to his house to bring him food and check on him.

Meanwhile, Bonnie goes to Nate’s to get him to go see Annalise because she was asking about him and he does. After talking for a few minutes, Annalise tells him that she is tired and asks him to go, he tells her that he will be back later in the week to check in on her. Meanwhile, Connor and Oliver are babysitting Asher and he is drunk.

The next day in court, Michaela runs into Caleb in the hallway and he tells her that Annalise pinning this on Catherine is crap and that they all belong in hell. In the courtroom, they throw out Annalise’s written statement and go on with the hearing. Laurel called Annalise to tell her that and Annalise decided that she was going to show up in the courtroom. The prosecutor tells the judge that Annalise is on mind altering pain killers and Annalise tells her that she isn’t anymore and they can test her blood. She added that she is well enough to take the stand.

Annalise takes the stand and tells the court her side of the story and during her testimony she zones out and starts hearing the baby crying again. She asks for a short recess and we see that Annalise is bleeding again and she tries to pack it with toilet paper. She goes back into the courtroom and continues her testimony and when she notices that she is bleeding through her shit and getting weaker and weaker sitting there, she tells the court that Catherine didn’t shoot her parents, which means that she broke privilege and now none of her testimony is admissible in court!

After they leave the courthouse, Caleb gets into Annalise’s car and explains to him that now that she leaked privileged conversation in court, Catherine will come off as a victim. A victim of Philip’s and she was drugged by him before she shot Annalise. Before the judge makes her ruling on whether there is enough evidence to charge Catherine with Emily’s murder and the attempted murder of Annalise, Catherine wants to address the court.

Catherine stands up and tells the court that she shot Annalise, but she was drugged by someone and she now remembers who that person was. We know it was Frank, but Catherine tells the court that it was Philip that drugged her before she shot Annalise. Catherine’s lawyer asks for a recess and for the court to disregard what Catherine said until she can determine if Catherine is competent to make these statements.

We end tonight’s episode of HTGAWM season 2 with Bonnie telling Annalise that the judge is going to offer Catherine a deal. Annalise tells Bonnie that she has to go to the doctor because she busted one of her stitches and she is bleeding. Meanwhile Wes is trying to find out who Christophe is and he is looks like he has an idea. We then get a look at Laurel trying to get a hold of Wes who isn’t answering the phone.

Annalise is walking around her house yelling, “Hello? Who’s there?” but no one is answering her. The other students and Frank are eating and drinking. Annalise gets to her room to find Wes on her bed with the bottle of pills that they used to drug Catherine with and Annalise thinks that he took them. He then tells her that he searched the house and only found those pills.

He then asks about the name Christophe and we get a look at 10 years prior, Annalise is pregnant and she sits next to a woman at a park, the woman is Wes’ mother. He put two and two together and realized that Annalise knew his mother and he wants to know how, but when he gets impatient and yells at her, she grabs a trophy off her dresser.

He leaves after asking her if she thinks he is going to hurt her and she answers with “I think you ruined me.” The woman in the park and the woman who Annalise saw give her a baby when she was on pain killers, are the same woman.

I am so confused, please, let me know what you think about tonight’s episode of HTGAWM season 2 in the comments below!

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