DERC announced RPO Regulations for Solar and other RE Sources…


The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has recently announced its much awaited RPO Regulations on 1st October 2012. DERC has made to RPO applicable to Distribution Licensees, Captive Users and Open Access Consumers on similar lines as per the other states.


The RPO regulation is applicable to:

  • Distribution Licensee(s) operating in the National Capital Territory of Delhi
  • Any Captive user, using other than renewable energy sources exceeding 1 MW
  • Any Open Access Consumer with a contract Demand exceeding 1 MW from sources other than renewable sources of energy.


The obligation till FY 2016-17 is shown in the table below:

Financial Year Solar RPO Total RPO
2012-13 0.15% 3.40%
2013-14 0.20% 4.80%
2014-15 0.250% 6.20%
2015-16 0.300% 7.60%
2016-17 0.350% 9.00%


Open access consumer are exempted from the cross-subsidy surcharge determined by the Commission from time to time to the extent of RPO.

However, no banking facility shall be provided for supply of electricity from renewable energy sources through open access.


Rpo Rec Framework Implementation Regulations


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