Are You Kidding Me?

God, he has a sense of humor. I appreciate that in a guy, I really do! But the only reason I’m laughing at this point is to keep from crying. Let’s back track a bit. Friday morning was a little hectic but not bad. We all woke up late, not only did I have to get myself and four kids ready I had to also take the dog with us to drop him off at the groomers. Since Shiloh died we adopted Gunner the corgi from my mom. She has been working and traveling a lot this year and he was getting boarded too much and just not getting enough attention. A family with four little boys fixed that! Anyway, we get to school late and are locked out. Crap! That means I have to physically walk the boys in and sign them in. Still not terrible thing so my good mood isn’t affected! I successfully drop the dog off at the groomers, have a productive day, pick up my boys and then the dog, and then we are on our way home to wait for my husband to get home from work.

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I tried to make Gunner ride in the back but he prefers shotgun. He’s not willing to compromise on that. Josh comes home and I can tell he doesn’t feel too well, but we all have been passing a cold back and forth for weeks so him and I both just assume that’s what it is. I really wanted to go to Living Windows, which is a cool event our capital city puts on where downtown is decorated for christmas and there are lots of displays in the local store windows. Little girls dancing, people playing music, puppet shows, trains, santa, real life reindeer, etc. It’s a really cool event and they have free cocoa and cookies and even horse drawn carriage rides. I wanted to make it at six to see the tree lighting at the governor’s mansion but my trend for the day of running late continued. Despite Josh not feeling well and missing the tree lighting we had a great time. THe boys loved it and were really good. I wore Liam in my ergo carrier and nursed him most of the time while walking and enjoying everything and no one could tell I was doing anything other than simply wearing my baby.

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Josh snapped this picture for me with all of my babies while we waited in line at the Governor’s mansion to see it all decorated for Christmas and listen to some carolers. It was cold out but not miserable like years before. Towards the end of the night as we were walking back to our car Josh mentioned his ear and side of his face was in a lot of pain. He could hardly stand it anymore. He had tried to get into the doctor earlier in the day but they didn’t have an appointment available. He assumed it was just an ear infection and figured some tylenol would help, but it wasn’t touching the pain anymore. Josh asked if we could stop by Walgreens on the way home to get some pain relief ear drops, but when he asked the pharmacist he said they didn’t carry anything like that over the counter and if it hurts that bad he really needs to go to the ER.

We are not one to ever over react when it comes to illness and really thought it was overkill to go to the ER for a simple ear infection. I mean ear pain is obviously an ear infection. The ER is for serious medical situations. I told Josh to call the ER, explain what you want to be seen for and ask if you can get on a waiting list so he isn’t sitting there for hours and we can get some supper while we wait. He called and they told him they were really dead and he would get in just as fast walking in. He said he couldn’t eat anyway, so just drop him off and take myself and the kids to get supper and just come get him once he is seen and on his way with some antibiotics and pain meds. I got myself some chipotle and then grabbed the kids some McDonalds and sat in the McDonald’s parking lot eating and texting Josh to see how it was going. To say the night took an unexpected turn is an understatement. Here is a little snip of our text to show how we really thought his pain was no big deal.

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Turns out his pain was not from an ear infection at all. Turns out he had strep this whole time he has been thinking he had a cold and it went untreated way too long and he developed a large abscess on his tonsil. He was admitted to the hospital and scheduled for surgery in the morning! I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t bring four little boys into the ER late at night, it was now going on 9:30 and they were asking to go to bed. I called my mom and let her know what was going on and she had just gotten home from work and said bring them over she will put them to bed at her house, which is much closer to the hospital than my in laws where we are staying.

Not how I saw our Friday night going :(

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I kept Liam with me since he is nursing and I knew he would just sleep and nurse anyway. I stayed with Josh until close to midnight then left and got the boys from my mom who had to work in the morning and went home. By the time I put them to bed, nursed Liam, and got myself to bed it was well after 1 a.m. I was up bright and early and got the boys ready and dropped them back off at my mom’s so my sister could watch them. Once again I brought Liam with me. The hospital was great, while Josh went into surgery they gave me my own room in recovery instead of having me wait in the waiting area or even going to the designated nursing room for mothers. They brought me a crib and warm blankets so I could lay Liam down and go the bathroom and even brought me fresh ice water. They were amazing!

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Surgery went well but they could not remove his tonsils since his infection was so nasty. They want that to clear up and then remove them in a few weeks. Luckily, Josh got to come home Saturday night and by Sunday morning he was able to get out of bed and eat a little. Today he even went back to work. It’s hard to keep him down.

The craziness of the weekend doesn’t end there! I let Gunner outside Saturday morning when I left to visit Josh. When we got home that night he wasn’t around. I figured he will come home when it’s really cold and he gets hungry but as the night went on there was no sign of him. My mother in law’s dog and cat were both there, but no Gunner. I put up a post on facebook asking for people in the area t o watch out for him. I got a sinking feeling in my stomach and had a hard time sleeping. The next morning I woke up and called for him but he wasn’t around. I was in tears all morning. I had to get my older two boys ready for their Christmas program but was going to take four wheelers out when we got home to make sure his collar didn’t get caught on fence lines. Josh stayed home with Liam and Jace and the boys did great in their program.

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On the way home I prayed for Gunner to be there. We got home and Josh said he still wasn’t home. He got dressed (he was feeling much better) and took our oldest with him to drive around and look for him. He didn’t see him in the fence lines luckily, and the neighbors said their little girl played with him all day Saturday but they haven’t seen him since. That gave me hope that he was just on an adventure, making friends along the way. I checked my facebook and someone said he was on their neighbor’s porch right now. I was so excited! She brought him right over and I said a little thank you prayer. He is home and so so grounded. In fact when he goes out to go potty he is now on a leash and even when he goes out to play with the boys he is on a leash and he hates it. He gave Josh a sad look and he sternly reminded him that he has lost privileges and really needs think about how his actions affect other people. He went to bed early that night and I’m sure he thought long and hard about their pep talk.

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